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Press Relations and Influencer Marketing are powerful services that will help you achieve your company's goals.


If you want to increase your brand's visibility, stand out among your competitors, and significantly improve your results, we have the solution!


Press Relations

You will have opportunities to appear in media outlets such as news websites, specialized portals in your industry, podcasts, TV and radio programs, which will result in more credibility for your brand and authority in the industry.


A new product, an acquired client, updates in organizational culture, results achieved throughout the year... all of this can become news!


Influencer Marketing

How do you easily convince yourself about a product or service? When an advertisement pops up in the middle of the video you're watching or when someone you like says they have already tried it and recommends it?


Influencers are intentional word-of-mouth advertising and yield much better results than paid traffic because they are people talking to people.


A well-defined strategy can bring in million-dollar results!

Companies that believe in us!



We are an agency that takes ownership and walks alongside the client in pursuit of their set goals. 


We work efficiently and strategically to deliver the best results to our clients through Press Relations and Influencer Marketing.

We believe these two areas are powerful and generate significant results for those seeking visibility, positive reputation, and rapid growth.


Spread across Portugal and Brazil, our team consists of excellent professionals with extensive experience in corporate communication who take every challenge entrusted to them seriously.

By working together and witnessing our commitment and work ethic, you won't see us as mere suppliers, but as valuable professionals on your team!

Thank you for the excellent work you have done this year and the results we have achieved together. Your dedication and professionalism have been crucial to our growth. We continue together on the path to change in education 💜

Are you ready to strengthen your brand and outperform your competitors?

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